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Sheds, Outbuildings and Tools

Mark it, lock it and check it. Sheds are popular targets for burglars as they are often overlooked when security is being considered. If you store valuables or tools in them, you should secure these as well! Even if there isn't anything of value in your shed or garage, burglars can use equipment stored in them such as forks, chisels and screwdrivers, to break into your home.

Shed blueShed Security

Some simple tips can help make your shed less vulnerable to an opportunist thief:

  • Make sure that your shed door, door frame and walls are solid.
  • Replace any damaged or rotten areas with new sections.
  • Try to place the shed door facing your house and not too close to a perimeter wall or gate.
  • Consider keeping valuable items in a strong lockable box or cage.
  • Fit two closed shackle padlocks on strong padlock hasps - one a third of the way up from the bottom of the door and one a third of the way down from the top of the door.
  • Fit wire mesh or bars on the inside of your window frames.
  • Wrap a strong chain around and through the handles of garden tools, lawn mowers, cycles etc and secure the chain to the wall using a padlock or a ground anchor fixed to the base of the shed.
  • Consider integrating your shed into your home alarm system, especially if you have valuable items in it. Use door contact sensors and check your glass is secure before installing break glass sensors.
  • Illuminate the area around your shed using dusk till dawn lighting.


Tools blueSecuring your tools as well as your shed will reduce the risk of theft. It is likely to deter a burglar if items are difficult to move.

  • Store tools in a locking metal cabinet; do not use office cabinets as the locks are weak. Use a good quality closed shackle padlock and secure the cabinet to the shed using strong bolts or heavy duty screws.
  • Secure tools such as spades and garden forks, or lawnmowers and strimmers together with a strong chain and good quality closed shackle padlock.
  • If you have a solid concrete base, use a motorcycle security rated ground anchor to secure the chain (see Motorbike Security).
  • If you do not a have concrete floor, secure the chain using a shed anchor.  
  • Mark your power tools and advertise that they are marked.

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