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Protecting Children Online

It is important that you and your child fully understand the risks when using the internet, both to their safety and your wallet. From games to social media, the internet plays a major role in many children's lives. It is a source of information and entertainment for children, but there are those who can and do use it to harm young children.

You're never too young to learn good habits!

By following a few simple rules, your child can enjoy the internet safely.

group of children blueRemind your child:

  • How easy it is for a person to hide their real identity online. Not everyone is who he/she says they are.
  • Never arrange to meet someone they have 'met' on the internet.
  • Never give out contact details to someone they have met online such as their phone number or address.
  • Never give out personal details that may reveal their age, gender or location, such as their school or college.
  • Change their email address if they suspect someone they have met online has access to it.
  • To tell you if they're worried about something or someone they have come across on the internet.
  • Only use moderated chat rooms so they can chat to their friends, but are monitored to keep them safe.
  • Never email a photo of themselves to someone they have met online.
  • Don't believe everything they read - sometimes people don't tell the truth and will say things to manipulate them.
  • To use their common sense; if something seems wrong or makes them feel uncomfortable, then they must tell you or another responsible adult straightaway.

If you have a Community Group that meets and would like a presentation on Child Sexual Exploitation (The Signs) and how to Stay Safe then please