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Plant and Equipment Theft

Items including small tractors and trailers, sit-on mowers, mini diggers and high value metals can prove appealing to thieves if not secured properly.

To reduce the chance of being targeted consider:

  • Are you overlooked or isolated - having the public around can deter thieves.
  • Well lit or gloomy - a site that is well lit when not in use is less attractive to thieves than one sitting in darkness.
  • Are there good transport links for removing the machinery quickly and easily.
  • Are you in a high crime area.
  • How easy would resale of the stolen items be.
  • Do you have a stable, experienced workforce.

Next look at what you can do to make the site harder to target.

There are a number of systems which are recognised as deterring thieves:

  • Identification marking makes items harder to resell and easier to identify if recovered.
  • Mechanical deterrents - industry recognised locking systems on steering and brake systems can delay thieves by several minutes per device.
  • Vehicle immobilisers can be expensive but very effective ways of safeguarding your machinery.
  • Tracking systems help your property to be traced.

Advice to plant owners:

  • Use security lighting and alarms around your outbuildings.
  • Mark your machinery, particularly ride on mowers and tractor type machinery, with forensic marking products so that if they are stolen and recovered by the police they can be more easily traced back to you.
  • Block smaller machinery in using larger vehicles which are harder to move.
  • Put warning signs up around your premises indicating that you have high security measures in place.
  • Put signs up asking members/visitors to report any suspicious activity immediately.
  • Consider the use of a security company.
  • Erect fencing and lighting around the site.
  • Ensure vehicles are locked and keys stored securely.

What to do if plant machinery is stolen:

  • Act quickly and tell the local police.
  • If the equipment is insured, also tell your insurer.
  • If your equipment is registered with a commercial registration or tracking company, remember to tell them too.
  • Don't disturb the scene of the crime until the police have investigated.
  • Try to get the names and addresses of any witnesses.
  • Make a note of the date, time and place of the theft and who saw the equipment last.
  • Let the police have the plant identification document so that they can enter the correct information on the Police National Computer.

For a comprehensive Crime Prevention Security Risk Assesment please consult -  Commercial Security Assessment [1MB]