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Fox Hunting

Fox in daylight (©Don Sutherland)Most hunts comply with the law but if you become aware of hunts that pursue live animals you should report this to the police.

Whilst fox hunting is illegal it is not illegal to:

  • Conduct 'trail hunting' or 'drag hunting' (the use of an artificial scent).
  • Exercise hounds with landowners consent.
  • Conduct 'flushing' - two hounds can be used to flush the quarry from cover so it can be shot dead by a 'competent' person.

Offences are as follows:

  • Allowing land to be entered or used in the commission of the offence of hunting.
  • Participating in, attending or facilitating a hare coursing event or permitting land to be used for such an event.
  • Hunting mammals with dogs.
  • Farmers whose land is used against their will, or people - including those involved in drag hunting, whose dogs chase and kill a fox against their wishes - will not be guilty of a crime.

For further details on all hunting matters visit the Government website on hunting game and wildlife.

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