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Farmhouses and Buildings

Around your farm yard, in your barns and outbuildings there is valuable equipment that will appeal to thieves, eg. power tools, quads, and diesel.

Tips to consider to help prevent theft from farms and outbuildings:

  • Consider installing CCTV or an intruder alarm.
  • Store valuable equipment and tools in a secure building behind a strong locked door.
  • Always lock doors to outbuildings when not in use.
  • Use British Standard locks and protect windows with good quality metal bars.
  • Fit outside security lights controlled by an automatic time-switch or infra-red beams.
  • Where possible security mark your valuable possessions, also keeping a record of them.
  • Improve security for your diesel and fertiliser.


  • Ensure the perimeter around your fields and outbuildings is secure, this will help deter thieves from targeting livestock, vehicles and tools.
  • Check fences and hedges to ensure there are no weak spots that could provide unauthorised access to criminals or vehicles.
  • Consider a gate alarm or barrier system to restrict access to your entrance.

Machinery and tools:

  • Lock or immobilise vehicles and equipment when not in use. Remove keys from unattended cars, tractors and other vehicles.
  • Avoid leaving machinery in isolated locations or fields (especially roads) as this is where they can be removed without attracting attention.
  • Visibly mark your machine and tools - this acts as a deterrent to thieves and also helps police reunite stolen property to its rightful owner (if recovered).
  • Keep a list of tools, together with serial numbers. You can register your property on the UK national property register, Immobilise.