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Datatag owners can take a number of precautions to help avoid being targeted by thieves.

Saddle Security MarkingTack storage/stable security:

  • Use solid doors and door frames.
  • Doors should be fitted with good locks (to latest British Standards).
  • Lock gates with padlocks and heavy duty chains.
  • Consider fitting security bars to windows to prevent offenders gaining access.
  • Consider installing a CCTV system.
  • Fit security lights and an intruder alarm.

Tack security:

  • Property marking tack increases the likelihood of finding property if stolen.
  • Consider keeping photographs and written records of all tack.

Horse security:

  • Take colour photos in both winter and summer from each side, head, tail and any scars/markings.
  • Microchip your horse (this is a legal requirement).
  • All horses need a passport (this is also a legal requirement).
  • Hoof branding - by branding the horse's hoof you have another method of identification.

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