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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Collision Investigation Unit (CIU)

Skoda Police Collision Investigation UnitThe role played by the Collision Investigation Unit (CIU) involves designating scenes, reconstructing incidents and vehicle examinations.

As part of the Central Motorway Police Group (CMPG) the Collision Investigation Unit (CIU) supplies 24hr cover for all fatal and category 1 injury collisions and analysis of incident data recorders fitted to police vehicles.

Additionally they deal with:

  • Police vehicle collisions (where there is a suspicion of liability on part of the police driver).
  • Preparation of scale plans for major incidents (eg. murders, serious assaults, suspicious deaths).
  • Other transport incidents (trains, airplanes and off road vehicles).
  • Assistance to Crown Prosecution Service in analysis of independent expert evidence.

The Collision Investigation Unit is made up of three sections; investigation, reconstruction and vehicle examiners.


Specially trained officers who, on attending scenes, will examine the scene for any evidence, marks or debris that will assist in providing an explanation as to how the collision happened.

The scene will be surveyed and photographed providing the basis for a comprehensive report compiled for inclusion in the relevant file.

Following their initial attendance the Investigator will arrange for the vehicles to be examined to identify any defects that could have contributed to the collision.

The report will be used at various courts and the Investigator will often be expected to attend Coroners, Magistrates, Crown and Civil Court and present their evidence as an expert witness.

Away from collisions, officers will also assist in plans for murder scenes, IDR analysis and vehicle examinations.


They attend scenes in both the Senior Investigator and Investigator roles

On attending they identify witnesses, take initial accounts and seize exhibits such as mobile phonesCCTV and clothing.

Following their attendance they will liaise with the deployed Family Liaison Officer (FLO) and obtain various statements from witnesses and persons attending the scene. They will conduct video and taped interviews of drivers and witnesses when required.

They will then collate all the information and build a file for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) or Coroner for court proceedings which on occasion they will be asked to attend.

Vehicle Examiners

This contains two civilian vehicle examiners.

They examine along with VOSA all vehicle types that are recovered following a collision and make a comprehensive and thorough inspection and then present their findings by way of statement to the reconstruction officer for inclusion in their report.