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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Traffic and Process Office

Welcome to the Traffic and Process Office. The information below explains our aims, what we do and shows file retention periods. We are located at Force Headquarters in Stafford.

Traffic Light Blue ClearWhat we do:

  • Record all injury road traffic collision and damage only where offences have occurred.
  • Carry out all enquiries necessary to complete the file of evidence e.g. obtain witness statements, arrange interviews with alleged offenders, check driving documents are in order, checks with Department of Transport re. operator's licence etc.
  • Liaise with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and magistrates and obtain additional statements/information requested by them in connection with cases which have proceeded to court.
  • Send out Notice of Intended Prosecution and applications for driver details under S.172 Road Traffic Act 1988.
  • Monitor files on a regular basis to ensure all cases dealt with in a timely manner and in any case within limitation of proceedings (6 months for most traffic matters).
  • Liaise with parties concerned, supply details of other drivers and offer on-going support to all involved parties including the next of kin in cases of fatal road traffic collisions.
  • PNC checks, supply information re. 'markers' on vehicles to interested Forces, place 'markers' on vehicles as required.
  • Monitor HO/RT/1's and request non-production checks if HO/RT/2 not received.
  • Input HO/RT/1 details on to STORM to monitor ethnicity of recipient.
  • Supply statistical information to individual officers on request (this is of necessity on a limited basis only and requests MAY have to be passed to Performance Development as this department is equipped with more advanced search facilities.
  • Provision of extracts of police reports to interested parties or, more usually, their representatives (solicitor or insurance company)
  • Issuing of all summonses (both crime and traffic) and copying and service of all related S.9 evidence.
  • Allocation of balanced court hearings.

Our Aim

The objective of the Traffic and Process Office (TPO) is to reduce the administrative burden on police officers, thus ensuring the maximum amount of time is spent on core policing duties.

Files are only returned for 'officer completion' if a fatality is involved, if a Case Officer has a particular interest in or knowledge of a file, or if the initial file submission is of an unsatisfactory standard.

Retention periods:

  • Road traffic collision files: 2 years 1
  • Road traffic fatal files: 6 years 2

1 Original files are destroyed but are scanned prior to destruction thus enabling the provision of extracts.

2 Originals are retained if civil proceedings are ongoing (files are checked prior to destruction to ensure no relevant correspondence was received during the previous 6 month period).