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Justice Services Support Unit (JSSU)

Justice Services Support Unit (JSSU) is located at force headquarters in Stafford and consists of a team of dedicated administrators who are responsible for reviewing, updating, disseminating and removing data from PNC (Police National Computer) relating to a variety of business areas.

Cannock Magistrates Court BuildingTheir role is vital in ensuring that data placed on PNC is accurate and up to date.  

They also handle many aspects and queries relating to our partner agencies such as Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), Probation, Magistrates and Crown Courts; ensuring bail conditions, court orders and court results reflect an accurate account on PNC from that of the court hearing.

JSSU are also responsible for:

  • The processing of warrants
  • Monitoring of out of court disposal compliance
  • Management of suspect interview discs from 2016 onwards
  • Body worn video footage (via Evidence.com)
  • Provision of antecedents to the Crown Court to assist the judiciary when assessing the appropriate sentence.