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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Central Ticket Office

Based at Force HQ Stafford, the Central Ticket Office is responsible for all the administrational procedures relating to Fixed Penalty Notices and Conditional Offers issued for minor traffic offences, including speeding.

HQ Exterior EditWhat are fixed penalty notices?

The types of notices include non-endorsable, endorsable, VDR (Vehicle Defect Rectification) and camera related offences.

Fixed penalty notices are issued by police officers and are either non-endorsable or endorsable.

Non-endorsable offences will involve you paying a fine but you won't have points taken off your driving licence (for example, not wearing a seat belt).

Endorsable offences will mean you are fined and lose three points from your driving licence (speeding, for example).

The back of the notice explains what action should be taken and where and how to pay the fine.

The Central Ticket Office can be contacted on Tel: 01785 232722.