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Motor Insurers' Bureau

What if the other driver isn't insured?

If you suffer injury, loss or damage to your property as a result of a road collision, compensation will normally be payable through your policy.

Where the offender is untraced or uninsured, compensation may be available from:

​Motor Insurers' Bureau
Linford Wood House
6-12 Capital Drive
Linford Wood
MK14 6XT

Tel: 01908 830001

Visit their website by clicking here.

The Motor Insurers' Bureau can consider claims for:

Police BMW Headlight Close-Up

  • Personal injury, loss or damage to your property caused by an identified driver who is uninsured. This can include injury, loss or damage caused by an identified driver of a stolen vehicle where the rightful owner is uninsured.
  • Personal injury (but not loss or damage to property) caused by an untraced driver.

If you should succeed in getting compensation in two or more ways from a criminal court (this could be through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme or the Motor Insurers' Bureau) the award may be reduced to avoid a double payment.

You cannot receive compensation twice for the same thing from public funds. You need to be aware of this when claiming, whether you are claiming for yourself or for your insurance company, you cannot claim on insurance and also against an offender.

Where a stolen vehicle is insured by the rightful owner, claims for personal injury and property damage must be dealt with by the rightful owner's insurers. In these cases, details of a vehicle's ownership may be obtained from the police.