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What Happens Next?

Detailed information on what happens following a road traffic collision. How the processes are carried out, and the incident is progressed.

Police BMW Rear FROM LOW ANGLEEye Witness Accounts

People involved in a collision or those who witnessed the collision may be asked to give a statement, but where cases are considered for prosecution you will usually be sent a statement to fill in yourself. This doesn't automatically mean you will have to appear as a witness in criminal proceedings. Further written notification will be given to you should that be necessary. If there is anyone at the scene who may have seen what happened you should always try and take their details as their evidence could be vital.

Driving Documents

If you were unable to produce your driving documents (e.g. driving licence, certificate of insurance, test certificate) at the time of the collision, the officer may issue you with a form. This form specifies the documents you are required to produce at a police station of your choice. In order to comply with the law and avoid prosecution, this must be done within SEVEN days. It is helpful if you take the form with you.

Police cars lined up ready to go on pre-dawn raidsRemember, you MUST produce your driving licence in person.

Vehicle Removal From the Scene of a Collision

In the interests of road safety, vehicles damaged in road traffic collisions should be removed from the scene quickly. If you belong to a breakdown organisation, the police will contact them for you. If circumstances dictate, a garage of your choice may be called at your own expense. Otherwise the police will arrange recovery. In certain circumstances, you may be able to recover these costs.

Please be aware that procedures may differ between forces.

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