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Digital Services

The Digital Services Department consists of the following dedicated units:

The Digital Services Department consists of the following dedicated units:

Imaging, Audio and CCTV
Provides advice and specialist forensic capability to extract electronic data from electronic devices and their periphery items specialising in forensic imaging and audio to aid the investigation of crime. Investigators produce evidential hard copy images from digital and analogue recording devices using image and audio enhancement techniques with specialist processing and editing tools in accordance with best evidence.
They are also responsible for the recovery, processing and presentation of CCTV evidence for major crime and complex cases and cameras installed in custodies. The unit also carries out installation, servicing and maintenance of cameras across the force.

Mobile Phone Forensics
The provision of forensic mobile phone examination for all serious acquisitive crime, all serious arrestable offences, drugs offences and missing person and suicide cases. Examiners use a wide range of techniques and technology to interrogate mobile phone and smart phone handsets in order to secure vital evidence for investigations.

Computer Forensics
Provision of detailed forensic computer examination in order to recover and secure evidence of criminal activity through software, hardware and internet usage in major and serious crime, offences committed against the vulnerable, fraud and deception, and drugs offences. Evidential packages produced for court for a range of prescribed offences.

Operation Safenet
Operation Safenet sees a team of officers come together to deal with and reduce the threat, risk and harm posed by online child sexual exploitation. Officers will attend addresses with digital forensics staff in order to charge offenders in the first custody phase. The digital forensics team are able to triage exhibits at the scene using the latest technology and provide early evidence to investigating officers. This has less impact on families and early safeguarding measures can be put in place for the victims.