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Co-terminous Certificate Applications

To apply for a firearms and/or shotgun licence you must complete the following form:

Form 201 - Application for the grant or renewal of a firearm and/or shotgun certificate [439KB]

Additionally you will need to cover the costs and provide the additional information found here:

Application Checklist [147KB]

Click here to use our Step-by-Step Firearms License Guide

If you require more information on the application process consult the Firearms Applicant Information Section for further detail.

The idea of "co-terminous" shotgun certificates, is to allow the holder of a firearms certificate, to have his shotgun certificate expire on the same day.

Please note that the reduced fee only comes into effect when both certificates are dealt with at the same time. This arrangement reduces police time and expense resulting in a saving being passed on to the applicant.

If the holder of a firearms certificate applies for the grant of a shotgun certificate before their firearm certificate expires, they can request a coterminous shotgun certificate. This would mean that their new shotgun certificate would not run its full life span (currently five years), but would expire on the same date as the firearms certificate. The cost of the new shotgun certificate would be the full price (currently £79.50), but the subsequent renewal would be reduced (currently £3).

If the holder of a firearms certificate applies for the grant of a shotgun certificate at the same time as requesting renewal of their firearms certificate, then the reduced fee for the shotgun certificate comes into effect straight away, as both certificates are being dealt with together.

Due to changes in the application forms a total of four photographs are now required when submitting a co-terminous application. One of the photographs must be signed in ink, on the back by the applicant. (All sections must be completed in accordance with Notes 10 and 11 on Form 201 [439KB] ). By completing this form and ensuring you answer question 21, we will arrange for your shotgun certificate to expire on the same date as your firearms certificate. Future renewals of your certificates will be at the reduced fee of £65 instead of £49 and £62 respectively. 

If you are applying for the grant or renewal of a firearms certificate and you already hold a shotgun certificate, you can save money in the long-term by requesting that both certificates expire on the same date (ie. made co-terminous.)

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