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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Justice Services

The Justice Services Department supports operational policing by providing a range of services which support crime victims, witnesses and more widely, Staffordshire Police's work with other Criminal Justice System (CJS) partners.

The Force's Justice Services Department has two main roles:

  • Making sure that crime victims and witnesses receive support and guidance.
  • Ensuring that the Force's contribution to the criminal justice process, and in particular its treatment of offenders, is efficient and fair.

Managed by a Superintendent, Justice Services is responsible for developing policies, procedures and guidance designed to achieve force and national objectives. All new government legislation, existing laws, Home Office guidance and other policy relevant to policing, is analysed to evaluate its effect on the force.

Reducing bureaucracy is also a priority for the department. Nationally, we are at the forefront of change, introducing innovative working processes to provide more efficient systems for police officers and staff.