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Procurement is defined as the act of acquiring, buying goods, services or works from an external source.

The Procurement Team is responsible for managing the process of the purchase of goods, works and services required to enable Staffordshire Police to deliver services to the local community. This can range from procuring amongst many other things, stationery items, uniform and vehicles -  through to services which are commissioned to support victims and witnesses of crime.

We are committed to ensuring that all goods and services are procured effectively, efficiently and competitively. Staffordshire Police aim to conduct all procurement activities fairly and transparently.

All purchases made on behalf of the OPCC (Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner) are governed by Staffordshire Police Financial Regulations, EU Procurement Regulations and Contract Standing Orders.

Contract Standing Orders are intended to promote good purchasing practice, public accountability and deter corruption. Following these rules remains the best possible defence against allegations that a purchase has been made incorrectly or even fraudulently. The rules detail the minimum requirements and procedures appropriate for the acquisition and disposal of all goods, services and works undertaken on behalf of the OPCC, in whose name all contracts are let.

The Procurement Team is also responsible for promoting and ensuring best practice procurement in accordance with EU Procurement Directives, UK Regulation, organisational policy and value for money principals for all non-pay expenditure in support of operational policing.

The department cover two areas of business, contractual and transactional. The contractual covers the tendering process, evaluating either the quotations or tenders, and managing the tender process ultimately selecting the supplier that satisfies best value criteria. The transactional area covers the processing within the contract such as the raising of purchase orders, ensuring delivery and goods receipting.

If you are interested in supplying Staffordshire Police, please complete our Procurement Enquiries form.