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Payroll and Pensions

Money blueThe Payroll and Pensions department provide an accurate, efficient service that operates within strict timescales to ensure that police officers, staff and volunteers are paid accurately and on time.

The professionally trained staff are responsible for processing the force payroll budget, which in 2015/16 amounted to circa £148m of public funds.

On a personal level, the team use will use their extensive knowledge of Police Regulations, Employment Law and Statutory Tax Legislation to provide officers and staff with an effective and efficient service, supporting the force in its aims to meet its prime objectives.

Police Officer pensions are now administered by Kier. Police Staff have their LGPS administered by Staffordshire County Council.

Colleagues have access to additional personalised services using the secure portals below.

If you are a police officer in Staffordshire find out more about your pension by clicking here.

If you are a member of police staff - log in here to access your pension portal

Injury Benefit Reassessment - if you are a retired Staffordshire officer and currently receive Injury Benefit (Injury Award), find out more about reassessment by clicking here