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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Police Insurance Department

The Insurance Unit ensures Staffordshire Police is adequately covered by procuring insurance with external companies to protect the force fund.

The main insurances provide cover for employer's and public liability and motor vehicles, but there are other areas covered including: property, fidelity guarantee and engineering inspections to name a few.

The Insurance Unit accounts for and monitors the force's insurance fund, which pays out for each claim below the £100,000 excess on our main policies, and handle claims directly for own damage and property damage. The unit also liaises with many departments (Transport, Performance Standards, Driver Training, and Occupational Health) throughout the force to ensure all links can be made with regards to the insurance process and the implications which can arise from a claim being made.

Insurance plays a part in many business processes, and it is important that advice is sought on any aspect of business that may involve or require insurance cover. This could include setting up new or existing partnerships, arranging and holding events, new police operations, creation of business cases, renting or leasing property or vehicles etc.