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Business Services

Here you will find the links to the departments that come under Business Services. The efficient and effective management and governance of the organisation's finances is essential to the public's trust and confidence in Staffordshire Police.

Police HQ main buildingStaffordshire Police has a proven history of managing budgets and integrating its finances to support operational objectives. This has resulted in the force being recognised as performing highly in the Police Use of Resources Evaluations (PURE), scoring 'excellent' for finance.

The Business Services teams are responsible for all the force's buildings and estates as well as procuring goods and services.

Police Estates

The Estates and Facilities Department are responsible for a variety of different tasks from property acquisition to office moves and even catering.

They are responsible for:

  • property strategy development and implementation
  • property acquisitions and disposal
  • building improvements and new developments
  • project management
  • asset management

This includes:

  • reporting building problems/issues
  • office moves
  • removals
  • proactive maintenance requests
  • capital projects
  • energy management
  • annual maintenance queries
  • control of contractors
  • travel and accommodation
  • janitorial support
  • cleaning, catering and grounds maintenance
  • custody maintenance and inspections
  • new police posts
  • leased of licensed properties - old and new
  • utilities
  • disabled access
  • door code changes

Police Finance

The Technical and Exchequer team are responsible for the financial accounting element of the Business Services Department.

The functions the team perform include:

  • bank reconciliation
  • income collection and debt recovery
  • maintaining our financial systems
  • processing of orders for goods and services and payment of invoices
  • VAT and other technical finance areas

 Our terms and conditions for suppliers are here:

Purchase Terms for Goods and Services - Staffs Police and PCC [121KB]


Police Insurance Department

The Insurance Unit ensures Staffordshire Police is adequately covered by procuring insurance with external companies to protect the force fund.

The main insurances provide cover for employer's and public liability and motor vehicles, but there are other areas covered including: property, fidelity guarantee and engineering inspections to name a few.

The Insurance Unit accounts for and monitors the force's insurance fund, which pays out for each claim below the £100,000 excess on our main policies, and handle claims directly for own damage and property damage. The unit also liaises with many departments (Transport, Performance Standards, Driver Training, and Occupational Health) throughout the force to ensure all links can be made with regards to the insurance process and the implications which can arise from a claim being made.

Insurance plays a part in many business processes, and it is important that advice is sought on any aspect of business that may involve or require insurance cover. This could include setting up new or existing partnerships, arranging and holding events, new police operations, creation of business cases, renting or leasing property or vehicles etc.

Payroll and Pensions

Money blueThe Payroll and Pensions department provide an accurate, efficient service that operates within strict timescales to ensure that police officers, staff and volunteers are paid accurately and on time.

The professionally trained staff are responsible for processing the force payroll budget, which in 2015/16 amounted to circa £148m of public funds.

On a personal level, the team use will use their extensive knowledge of Police Regulations, Employment Law and Statutory Tax Legislation to provide officers and staff with an effective and efficient service, supporting the force in its aims to meet its prime objectives.

Police Officer pensions are now administered by Kier. Police Staff have their LGPS administered by Staffordshire County Council.

Colleagues have access to additional personalised services using the secure portals below.

If you are a police officer in Staffordshire find out more about your pension by clicking here.

If you are a member of police staff - log in here to access your pension portal

Injury Benefit Reassessment - if you are a retired Staffordshire officer and currently receive Injury Benefit (Injury Award), find out more about reassessment by clicking here


Procurement is defined as the act of acquiring, buying goods, services or works from an external source.

The Procurement Team is responsible for managing the process of the purchase of goods, works and services required to enable Staffordshire Police to deliver services to the local community. This can range from procuring amongst many other things, stationery items, uniform and vehicles -  through to services which are commissioned to support victims and witnesses of crime.

We are committed to ensuring that all goods and services are procured effectively, efficiently and competitively. Staffordshire Police aim to conduct all procurement activities fairly and transparently.

All purchases made on behalf of the OPCC (Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner) are governed by Staffordshire Police Financial Regulations, EU Procurement Regulations and Contract Standing Orders.

Contract Standing Orders are intended to promote good purchasing practice, public accountability and deter corruption. Following these rules remains the best possible defence against allegations that a purchase has been made incorrectly or even fraudulently. The rules detail the minimum requirements and procedures appropriate for the acquisition and disposal of all goods, services and works undertaken on behalf of the OPCC, in whose name all contracts are let.

The Procurement Team is also responsible for promoting and ensuring best practice procurement in accordance with EU Procurement Directives, UK Regulation, organisational policy and value for money principals for all non-pay expenditure in support of operational policing.

The department cover two areas of business, contractual and transactional. The contractual covers the tendering process, evaluating either the quotations or tenders, and managing the tender process ultimately selecting the supplier that satisfies best value criteria. The transactional area covers the processing within the contract such as the raising of purchase orders, ensuring delivery and goods receipting.

If you are interested in supplying Staffordshire Police, please complete our Procurement Enquiries form.

Joint Emergency Transport Services

The Staffordshire Joint Emergency Transport Department delivers all aspects of fleet services for Fire and Police vehicles in Staffordshire.

JETS Mechanic (unknown) working under a Police car on a car lift.Vision
The vision and purpose for the combined transport unit is to provide the right vehicles, with the right equipment, in the right location, for the right price,
supporting fire and police operational requirements across Staffordshire to keep our communities safe.

The transport department contributes expertise, professional advice and judgement in all matters relating to vehicles and mobility.  Providing management, scrutiny, reporting and planning of all capital and revenue budgets relating to transport spend.  And through an ethos of continuous improvement the transport department strives to always be the best it can, operating a practice of on-going evaluation for all working practices, aiming to identify capacity and income generation opportunities.


Deliver safe fit for purpose vehicles that support policing in Staffordshire.
Understand, challenge and support policing delivery models.
Operate lean and efficient workshop practices, reduce failure demand and be proactive in maintaining the fleet, reduce unit costs for servicing and reduce vehicle downtime.
Comply with all statutory regulations and legislation.
To be an enabling and supportive part of the Police family, providing an exceptional customer service.

Key Functions

Buy: identify vehicles that are operationally fit for purpose, using national Home Office frameworks, evaluate best value of the whole cost of a vehicles life.

Build: take a civilian type vehicle, strip it down and re-build fitting emergency equipment such as lighting and sirens.

JETS Police cars in service bays unknown mechanics in background.Service & Maintain: due to the arduous nature of the work Police vehicles are subjected to they require a strict and meticulous schedule for planned servicing. This takes place at our in house workshop facility in Stoke-on-Trent, and utilises mobile mechanics.

Operate: purchase, fit and supply all items required to keep the fleet on the road, such as tyres, spare parts and fuel.  Operation road policing equipment such as cones and additional vehicle hire when needed.
Repair: when damage occurs we assess and repair either in house of via a network of approved body shops.

Dispose: at the end of the vehicles life transport aims to recoup the highest residual value to support funding the next generation of vehicles.