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Service Development

Driven through the Force Performance Management Strategy the Service Development Unit delivers a wide range of performance information and analysis to enable effective decision making. This contributes directly to reducing crime, dealing with what matters to communities and delivering outstanding service.

File blueThe unit is made up of 2 teams:

  1. The Business Intelligence Team - their job is the development and ownership of force data mining technologies providing a platform for effective and high quality performance reporting facilities.
  2. The Performance Team - responsible for developing and maintaining an extensive series of performance products, reporting and analysis, providing an equitable and responsive service to internal and external customers.

Business Intelligence Team

  • Manage the administration and development of the force data mining tool - 'Business Objects.'
  • Developing a business intelligence infrastructure that enables colleagues to maximise the effectiveness of corporate data systems.
  • Work closely with the technology services department in developing a robust efficient data and information environment.
  • Supporting the organisation in the development of key performance products ensuring that data structures are dynamic and fit for purpose.
  • Maximising the use of technologies to ensure that analytical opportunities are realised for performance and information specialists.

Performance Team

  • Developing and maintaining the Force's performance information portal - Delivering Our Mission (DOM).
  • Assisting in reducing threat, harm and risk by identifying repeat victims within our communities.
  • Producing performance briefing papers and materials to the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Chief Officer Management Meetings and other key forums.
  • Developing predictive analysis to support wider operational planning.
  • Examining social and economic demographics to predict future demands.
  • Understanding what communities are telling us from Feeling the Difference and the Citizen Focus Toolkit.
  • Providing performance reporting serving both strategic and tactical functions. This includes daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually based information.
  • Analysis of force performance relative to both local and national trends.
  • Developing and supplying data for Local Authorities.
  • Collaborating with 3rd sector partners to provide a richer picture of community needs and services.
  • Developing data and reporting solutions with the Intelligence Department.
  • Contribute to the development of performance frameworks for Integrated Offender Management (IOM), Domestic Abuse and the local policing project.
  • Supporting the media and communications team with external media requests and internal releases.
  • Close links with the consultation team in the development, provision and analysis of survey data.
  • Responding to and dealing with Freedom of Information Request (FOI).

Police Performance

This is part of the Police and Crime Commissioner accountability and transparency agenda' and will provide you with information on the service Staffordshire Police is providing in your local area. Click here for more information on police performance.