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ICT Partnership

OPCC, Staffs Police and Boeing Technology headerIT at Staffordshire Police
Crime is changing and Staffordshire Police must be equipped to deal with the challenges.
The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Staffordshire awarded a contract in February 2016 to Boeing to become the Strategic IT Partner for Staffordshire Police.
This contributes to the Transformation programme which will ensure the Force can respond to changing crimes and challenges and future demand.
It supports the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Staffordshire's (OPCC) ambition to make Staffordshire Police one of the most technologically advanced police forces in the country, increasing officer visibility and supporting them with technology, as well as making policing more accessible to the public.
This is part of the commitment to ensure the police in Staffordshire have the tools to do the job. A critical part of that is investing in cutting edge technology.
The investment in IT for the force is vital. The technology systems without strategic direction, support and investment are not sustainable.
The recommendation to find a Strategic IT Partner followed an assessment carried out in September 2014.
The Strategic IT Partnership will see our officers and staff equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which will put them at the forefront of policing in the UK. Boeing will bring capacity and capability to Staffordshire Police through the development of cutting edge technology and new ways of working.

What the IT Partnership means to the public:

  1. This technology partnership will have a number of benefits for communities in Staffordshire including increasing the visibility of officers on the streets (building on Mobile Data Devices, allowing officers to do more away from police stations).
  2. Technology will also allow simpler and more straight-forward access to police officers for the public through technology. This will allow more engagement.
  3. People will also have a better experience when they interact with Staffordshire Police as officers will have more information when and where they need it when they are out on the streets in communities.
  4. Police will have better information than criminals leading to earlier intervention. Technology will help to spot warning signs earlier as officers will have access to better information.