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Stop and Search Community Triggers Explained

The Community Trigger forms part of the Forces' openness and transparency in relation to its use of Stop and Search.

What is it?

This is a process which allows members of the community to access services such as:

  • ask for a review
  • to provide feedback
  • to seek investigation
  • to give reassurance as to the way Stop and Search is used in their community

The trigger is designed to ensure we work together to try and resolve any complaints or concerns. The trigger does not replace the complaints procedure, or your opportunity to complain to the Performance and Standards Unit or Independent Police Complaints Commission. It can be used by anyone who has been stopped and searched, anyone who has witnessed it, anyone who is reporting on behalf of another who has, or anyone who has concerns about the use of stop and search.

How do I trigger?

To use the community trigger you can either email Staffordshire Police, telephone 101 or if you are deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired, key smsdeaf to 07929 302010, visit the Deaf SMS page or write a letter to:

The Force Stop and Search Working Group,
Staffordshire Police Headquarters,
Weston Road, Stafford,
ST18 0YY.

You will need to provide sufficient information to assess your concerns. You can report issues anonymously if you wish. If you have an ongoing complaint that is already being dealt with by Staffordshire Police, then contact should be made with the Performance and Standards Unit.

What can I expect?

The matter will be referred to the senior officer who chairs the Force Working Group on stop and search, who will assess the best method of addressing the issues raised. The issue may be passed to the Local Police Commander, to the Performance and Standards Unit, subject of a specific investigation, research or action. If you provide contact details then feedback will be given in all cases, and all issues reported via the community trigger process will be shared (subject to the removal of personal data) to the Local Policing Scrutiny panels to ensure further openness and community oversight.