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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Help with Property Emergencies

Members of the public may have called the police when they need to speak to another agency.

Members of the public increasingly dial 999 or call police main switchboards for much more than just straightforward emergencies. Calls can relate to everything from lost keys, burst pipes, broken or unsecured windows and locks and even swarming bees. While most of these callers are genuinely looking for assistance, they may have called the police when they really need to speak to another agency.

Equally, police officers out on the beat also encounter daily requests for help. This is where Rapid Secure can be of assistance.

  • 24 hour, 365-day rapid response service.
  • Dedicated boarding and glazing and locksmith service.
  • Responsible registered trades people assigned.
  • Integrated database with key holder information.
  • Call-out facilities for surgeons and other essential services.

The Rapid Secure Team will undertake to call out a responsible, registered trades person for the caller and follow it through with an aftercare service to check that all is well.

The Centre is open to callers from the police and public alike and is also very popular with other organisations including the Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service and Age Concern.

Rapid Secure's comprehensive database is police specific and they are always prepared to add to it to cover any eventuality or individual requirement that a police force may have in any given area.

Rapid Secure aim to support police efforts to provide a high quality of service to the public.

For more information visit the Rapid Secure or call Administration: 01953 601911.

Key holding: 0845 0678 999.