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Complaint Process

There are a number of ways in which a complaint can be dealt with depending on the circumstances and its seriousness

There are a number of ways in which a complaint to Staffordshire Police can be dealt with depending on the circumstances and its seriousness. Staffordshire Police regards all complaints and expressions of dissatisfaction as important issues.

Remedial Action: In cases of minor dissatisfaction the person who is unhappy with the service they have received, may only want to have the matter rectified in a timely and effective manner, rather than make an allegation of misconduct against a member of staff, and if this is completed to their satisfaction may not wish to have a formal record made of their complaint.

Service Recovery: Service recovery is almost the same as remedial action and is an appropriate option in the same types of cases of dissatisfaction. The difference between the two procedures is that where service recovery is used, a formal record of the dissatisfaction is made.

Local Resolution: The majority of less serious complaints can be addressed by your local policing team through a procedure called Local Resolution. Local Resolution seeks to capture the views of the complainant and the officer or staff member subject of the complaint. This method of resolution is suitable where it would not warrant criminal or misconduct proceedings against a member of staff, but where advice or training may be required.

Formal Complaint Investigation: Formal Complaint Investigations are usually conducted by Performance and Standards Department staff or the Force's Anti-Corruption Unit and will be fair and unbiased. An assessment of the circumstances and gravity of the complaint is carried out and an investigator assigned.  Once the complaint investigation is concluded the complainant is provided with a copy of the report and has the right to appeal any decisions made.

Direction and Control Related Complaints: Complaints which are not about the conduct of an individual but the policies and procedures of a police force are referred to as 'direction and control' complaints.

How to make a complaint:

  1. Complete the Complaint form.
  2. Attend a Police Station
  3. Call the PSU on 01785 232416
  4. Write a letter to the Performance and Standards Unit - click here for postal address