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Hanley City Centre Local Policing Team

Photo of Phillip Ferns
SGT Phillip Ferns Collar Number: 04594
Photo of Lee Robinson
PC Lee Robinson Collar Number: 04634
Photo of James Addison
PC James Addison Collar Number: 04906
Photo of Nichola Bagguley
SGT Nichola Bagguley Collar Number: 05677
Photo of Christopher Gifford
PC Christopher Gifford Collar Number: 05783
Photo of Christopher Stone
PCSO Christopher Stone Collar Number: 08830
Photo of Christopher Hill
PCSO Christopher Hill Collar Number: 08955
Photo of Elizabeth Old
PCSO Elizabeth Old Collar Number: 08987
Photo of Kirsty Lovatt
PCSO Kirsty Lovatt Collar Number: 23053
Photo of James Howard
PC James Howard Collar Number: 23434
Photo of Anderson Cadman
PCSO Anderson Cadman Collar Number: 25921
Photo of Samuel White
PC Samuel White Collar Number: 26481