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Course Schedule

Each week will focus on a different topic and by the end of the programme you will have a much stronger understanding of the diverse and complex work that the police undertakes.

Week 1 - Neighbourhood Policing - Tuesday 5th February 2019
Introduction to the role of the police, local policing priorities and neighbourhood team roles through an interactive community engagement session.

Week 2 - Forensics and Crime Prevention - Tuesday 12th February 2019
An interactive session to learn about the latest technologies in forensics and the many techniques available to prevent crime in businesses and our local communities.

Week 3 - Domestic abuse and stalking and harassment - Tuesday 19th February 2019
This session will explore the challenges agencies face to support victims of domestic abuse and how investigations into stalking and harassment take place. Session participants will hear about specific cases and the work by detectives to catch those responsible and coordinate the multi-agency efforts to prevent crimes like these in future.

Week 4  - From arrest to court - a CID investigation - Tuesday 26th February 2019
A fascinating insight into how a police investigation works. Detectives from CID will talk you through a specific case, how they gathered evidence, identified who was responsible, discuss the techniques used to question the suspect and the work needed to deliver a successful conviction in court.

Week 5 - Cyber Crime and Online Fraud - Tuesday 5th March 2019
Hear from our dedicated Digital PCSO Matt Hough Clewes on the latest trends in cyber crime, how to protect yourself online and what the police can do to investigate cyber crime.

Week 6 - Anti-social behaviour and road safety - Tuesday 12th March 2019
This session will debunk some of the myths around speeding and demonstrate how road safety is about so much more. You will also hear about some challenging anti-social behaviour scenarios and discuss as a group how you would tackle not only the incident in the short-term but apply problem-solving solutions in the longer term.

Week 7 - Dogs, firearms and policing large events - Tuesday 19th March 2019
Hear from the commander of the unit responsible for lovable police dogs, our firearms officers and the complexities of policing large events. In this session you will learn more about the complex decision making and skills required to be a firearms officer, the different ways we use our police dogs to investigate crime and a snapshot into the planning and implementation of policing major events.

Week 8 - Graduation and looking to the future - Tuesday 26th March 2019
This final session will be an informal session to celebrate your commitment and achievement to date. Everyone completing the programme will be presented with a certificate by Chief Constable Gareth Morgan, exclusive pennant and enjoy a simple buffet. There will also be a chance to explore future volunteering opportunities with representatives from the Special Constabulary, Police Cadets, Safer Neighbourhood Panels and much more.