What to do if you've received a Notice of Intended Prosecution (NIP) or a Community Speed Watch letter. 

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Book a Speed Awareness / Driver retraining course

You can only take a Speed Awareness Course if you've been offered one as part of a conditional offer.

It's up to the police to decide whether you're eligible to attend a course.

You'll need to book and pay for the course within 28 days of receiving your conditional offer letter, but you have up to five months to complete the course from the date of the offence.

You can book your course online here

You'll need the reference number and PIN from the conditional offer letter you have received to be able to access the system.

Courses are available throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland and a full list of course providers is sent out with the conditional offer letters.

If you've lost this or need further information, you can call 0300 111 8012 for further help.