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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Abandoned Vehicles

The removal of abandoned vehicles is the responsibility of the relevant district council, NOT to the police.

However, if the vehicle has been abandoned where it is likely to cause a traffic hazard, for instance blocking a road or affecting the flow of traffic on a main road, you should call Staffordshire Police on 101. 

Click here to get the link to your local council's "Report an Abandoned Vehicle" page.

Once an abandoned vehicle has been reported to the local council, it is their responsibility to deal effectively with it by either removing it immediately or by placing a 24-hour notice, and removing it for destruction.

Some Officers are authorised to seize a vehicle from a road if the vehicle is un-taxed or SORN.

Vehicles removed and stored cannot be disposed of until a notice has been served on the owner and seven days has elapsed, unless it is taxed, in which case the council stores the vehicle until the road tax runs out.

The council passes details of all abandoned vehicles to the police so checks can be made to see whether or not the car has been stolen.