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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Right of Access

You have the right to access the information that is held about you. This is commonly referred to as subject access.

The General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018 will cover this right. More information can be found at www.legislation.gov.uk and the Information Commissioner's Office.

This Privacy Notice explains how Staffordshire Police collects, stores, uses, discloses, retains and destroys personal data, the steps we take to ensure that it is protected and also describes the rights individuals have in regard to their personal data handled by Staffordshire Police. To read the full privacy notice click here.

Requesting Access to Information held by Staffordshire Police

You can ask to see information Staffordshire Police hold about you, this can be done in a number of ways:

1. Submit a request online by clicking here.

2. Write to us at:

Central Disclosure Unit (Right of Access),

Staffordshire Police Headquarters,

Weston Road, Stafford,

ST18 0YY

3. Email us at rightofaccess@staffordshire.pnn.police.uk

4. Phone 101 

5. Visit your local police station in person

6. Via social media

Please note: options 4, 5 and 6 do not enable you to provide the proof of identity that we require to process your request, use options 1, 2 and 3 whenever possible to ensure that your request can be validated as soon as possible.

What do we require to process your request? 

In all the circumstances listed above we request:

  1. Your full name (including maiden/former names)
  2. Title
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Current Address (which should be shown on your proofs of address)
  5. Previous addresses (please include any addresses for which you were living at during the time period of the information you are requesting)
  6. Alternative postal address, only provide this information if you do not want correspondence to be sent to your current address.
  7. Phone number (this will assist us in being able to contact you about your application should we need to).
  8. Email address if you would like us to respond by email*
  9. Proof of identity**
  10. To help find any information that may be held about you, we require additional details. For example: A description of the information you are looking for, a description of the circumstances in which you had contact with the Police - e.g. were you a person reporting an offence or incident; a witness, a victim, a correspondent, an offender etc. Do you have a crime reference or incident number, dates and times or any other information you can provide which may assist us in finding the information you seek.
  11. Detail of why you want the information and what information you are asking for (Please note that you are not obliged to provide this information however it will assist us to ensure that you are provided with the right information you require)

Third party applications

We can only supply personal data to the individual to whom it relates. If you are making an application on behalf of someone else (known as a 'third party application') you will need to provide a signed letter of authorisation from the person whose data is being requested, plus proofs of identity that show the true applicant's signature. Valid proofs include a passport, driving licence or identity card.

Warning - A person who impersonates another or attempts to impersonate another may be guilty of an offence.

What happens once you submit your application?

We will notify you by email or letter when we accept your application. We have a legal obligation to process your request within one month after receipt of a fully complete application and proof of identity. We will send a response to you either by email or to the address shown on your application and confirmed by your proofs of identity, or to the alternative address specified on your application. 

*Please be aware that whilst the email response will be sent from Staffordshire Police's secure network and our email system will always attempt to send this securely however we are not able to guarantee this for every email address provided

**Due to the nature of the information that Staffordshire Police hold we need to be satisfied that you are who you say you are) : this needs to be copies of two different documents that show between them your name, date of birth, current address, signature and at least one photograph.

Employment or Visa Purposes

If you require this information in order to obtain a visa for travel or immigration to Australia, Belgium, Canada, Cayman Island, New Zealand, South Africa or the USA, you should apply for a Police Certificate through the ACRO website at www.acro.police.uk

If you require this information for employment purposes then you should obtain a basic level check online from the Disclosure Scotland website at www.mygov.scot/organisations/disclosure-scotland.

The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) (formerlly the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB)) checks are for people who are applying to work with children and vulnerable adults. Normally this type of check will be performed by your employer or other registered organisation. For further information please visit www.homeoffice.gov.uk/dbs.

Requesting Access to Information held on the Police National Computer (PNC)

You can request information that may be held about you on the PNC, such as previous prosecutions or convictions.

You can do this online at the Association of Chief Police Officers Criminal Records Office (ACRO) websiteACRO carries out these checks on our behalf.  ACRO will reply directly to you by the method you provide.

All submissions and enquiries relating to this process should be directed to ACRO.

More Information


The provisions of the Data Protection Act mean that in certain circumstances some personal data will not be provided. For example you will not be provided with personal data if releasing it to you would be likely to prejudice a criminal investigation, or we may not provide you with information that identifies other individuals. Any refusal will be fully explained in our response to you.

Have you been asked by someone to apply for information about any cautions or convictions under subject access and provide them with the response for the purposes of: 

  • your current job
  • a job you have been offered
  • to enter a contract for goods, facilities or services

If yes, then whoever has asked you may be committing an offence under Section 177 of the Data Protection Act 2018. You have not committed any offence in submitting your request.

You are not obliged to do so, but we would appreciate it if you would provide details of whoever has asked you to apply through subject access on your request application, and under what circumstances. We may pass these details to the Information Commissioner's Office who may investigate further with a view to prosecuting whoever has asked you.