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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Road Crime Team (RCT)

The Road Crime Team are part of the Tactical Support Department.

The Road Crime Team have a wide and varied remit. Our primary function is targeting criminals who use the road network of Staffordshire to travel and commit their crimes. We also provide support to Local Policing Teams, proactive units and Crime Support. We utilise motorcycles, marked and unmarked vehicles to target criminality, enforce the law and patrol the roads.

The Officers within the team have a wide variety of training in specialist areas. All Officers are advanced Police Motorcyclists and drivers with many years' experience policing the road network of Staffordshire.

Some of the work the Road Crime Team do:

  • Targeted enforcement upon known elements of Organised Crime Groups.
  • Taser support for divisional policing.
  • Road Policing using technology including ANPR, to target criminals but also uninsured/untaxed vehicles.
  • Motorcycle escort for protected convoys, VIPs and football/charity events.
  • Inspections of vehicles carrying Hazardous Chemicals.
  • Abnormal load escort.
  • Partnership working, with DVSA (formerly VOSA) HM Revenue and Customs, UK Visas and Immigration, Immigration Enforcement, DWP and others.
  • Supporting both national, TIPSOL and local road policing campaigns Safer Roads Partnership.
  • Improve motorcyclists riding by delivering a no cost Police motorcycle initiative .
  • Implementing road traffic laws by giving advice, education and enforcement.

  Wide load as seen from bridge #fatalfour enforcement targeting the fatal four offences:

  • drink/drug drive
  • speeding
  • distracted driving (mobile phones)
  • seatbelts 

Road Policing

  • Working in partnership with local policing teams and other departments to achieve policing objectives on the roads.
  • Provide safe escort to travelling supporters at sporting events.
  • They assist with VIP visits to the county and support major policing events such as the V Festival.
  • They also ensure safe transportation of abnormal loads as well as the planning and implementation of multi-agency operations.

If you are interested in the work of the Road Policing Team or know anyone who would benefit from road safety advice and traffic messages, the team have a social networking which can be seen below.

Traffic Management

Patrolling the roads to disrupt criminality and make the region's roads safer.

The main aims of the Road Policing Team include the reduction of casualties and denying criminals the use of the roads. In doing so, supporting Staffordshire Police to provide the highest levels of confidence in the delivery of policing, making the communities of Staffordshire feel safe and reassured. All members of the team are highly qualified advanced drivers and motorcyclists.

We have the ability to deploy in both a covert and overt manner to police the strategic road networks within the county.

We will:

  • patrol the roads
  • promote road safety
  • enforce the law