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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Missing Persons

Staffordshire Police assess each report of a missing person on a variety of factors.

Every missing person report will be continually assessed to identify any threat, risk or vulnerability posed to that missing person or others.

Staffordshire Police's priority at every stage of an investigation into a missing person will be focused on locating the person safely and reducing any risk posed to that person or others.

PC Simon Stone 5107Going missing should be treated as an indicator that the individual may be at risk of harm. The safeguarding of vulnerable people is paramount and a missing person report should be recognised as an opportunity to identify and address risks. The reasons for a person deciding to go missing may be complex and linked to a variety of social or family issues.

The police are entitled to expect parents and carers to accept normal parenting responsibilities and undertake reasonable actions to try and establish the whereabouts of the individual. Children who are breaching parental discipline should not be dealt with by police.

Parents or carers may need police support if they are very distressed, incapacitated or otherwise unable to undertake enquiries. In such circumstances, it may be appropriate to make a referral to the local authority so that the standard of care for the missing person can be reviewed.

Individuals whose whereabouts are known will not be considered as missing, but may require other police activity in order to ensure their welfare.

If you learn of the whereabouts of a person reported as missing you should alert us immediately.

For more information you can read and print:

Missing Persons - Advice Leaflet [557KB]