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Multi-Cultural Association

The Staffordshire Police Multi Cultural Association works to support and develop those from diverse communities.

MCAThe MCA subscribes and is affiliated to the aims and objectives of the National Black Police Association, however the present personnel chose to use the MCA name believing this is more inclusive of all of the Staffordshire employees.

Membership to the MCA is open to ALL employees of Staffordshire Police in the form of either full or associate membership:

  • Police officers
  • Police staff
  • PCSOs
  • Specials
  • Cadets
  • Volunteers

The MCA is an inclusive not exclusive organisation. For further information on the membership or for help and support please contact any of our committee members.

Our Aim

To seek to improve, the working environment of ethnic minority personnel, with a view to improving the quality of service to the public and colleagues within the Staffordshire force area. The MCA is committed to supporting Staffordshire Police in taking positive action to ensure the workforce of Staffordshire Police is more representative of the communities we serve.

If you are thinking about a career or role at Staffordshire Police and are a member of an under-represented community - REGISTER HERE for support and positive action from members of the MCA - CLICK HERE


  • To provide a support network
  • To provide a social network
  • To reduce stress related sickness time
  • To reduce detrimental publicity and number of Employment Tribunals
  • To be available for consultations in race/policy issues
  • Support

If you are a Staffordshire Police employee and wish to discuss problems relating to any of the above issues, please complete this form and a member of the MCA will get in touch -  all contact is treated in the strictest of confidence.