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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Staffordshire Police Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGB&T) Association

Our award winning support association not only provides a social network for staff who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans but supports the force in delivering the best possible service to our LGB&T communities in Staffordshire.

LGBT The site will provide you with a wealth of information about the work of our association, support available for individuals but also operational guidance for officers who work with our LGB&T community or have a specific question.

Should you need any further information or would like to get in contact we would be delighted to hear from you.

Contact details

Staffordshire LGB&T Police Association
Police Headquarters
Weston Road

Tel No: 01785 235240


LGB&T Association - Aims and Objectives

LGB&T Association - Our aims:

  • We are a confidential support association run by gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans employees, for gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans employees, regardless of age, service or rank.
  • We aim to provide LGB&T employees with a safe working environment, free from discrimination and reflective of the community we serve.
  • We offer support for colleagues at times of need and engage with the LGB&T community of Staffordshire ensuring the organisation we represent provides a professional and appropriate service.

LGB&T Association - Our objectives:

  • To provide a social and support network for employees of Staffordshire Police who may be LGBT including friends or family regardless of sexual orientation or gender.
  • Championing LGB&T issues and advising on matters of policy and policing ensuring the force meets its legal obligation and the expectations of the LGB&T community, including compliance with employment and discrimination law.
  • Representing its members at a strategic level, building communication channels and contributing to the force's Diversity Strategy.
  • Promoting the reporting of hate crime, domestic abuse, sexual abuse and crimes that target the LGB&T community in Staffordshire.
  • Engaging with LGB&T communities in Staffordshire, attending community events and acting as a mediator between the force and the LGB&T community at times of community tension.
  • Working towards improving recruitment, retention and career progression of its members Including officers, police staff, PCSOs and members of the Special Constabulary.
  • Networking with internal associations and external groups locally, nationally and internationally to share best practice and improve service delivery.

LBG&T Association Leadership Team

Chair - Alison Rowley

Examples of the chair's commitments include:

Vice Chair - Carl Ratcliffe

Examples of deputy chair's duties include:

  • Coordination of the Stonewall programme and annual submission
  • Member of the force's Strategic Diversity Steering Group
  • Overview of membership support and referrals.

Secretary - Zoe Kelsall

Examples of coordinator's duties are:

  • Managing emails and communications
  • Contacting members
  • Coordination of community events including Pride
  • Association accounts.

National Representative - Pete Rigby

National LGBT lead - ACC Julia Cook at Merseyside Police

Details of your representatives for various LPT and/or business areas will be posted here soon.

LGB&T History Month

Celebrated in the UK in February, and founded by the charity Schools OUT, the aim of the month is to celebrate the lives and achievements of lesbian, gay, bi and trans people from our past and present. The theme of this year's history month is Religion, Belief & Philosophy.
Visit the official  LGBT History Month website for details of all activities, events and news.

It is a time when we should think about and raise awareness of issues that affect our LGBT staff and people who are LGBT in our communities. You can see an LGBT timeline (Opens in new window) showing how legislation and incidents have shaped the way for LGBT people to now be able to be themselves in society and at work.

Below are a few key dates when Staffordshire Police has implemented measures to improve the lives of our LGBT staff and communities:

  • 1999 Staffordshire LGBT Association was founded by a small number of officers to offer support to gay staff.
  • 2000 Staffordshire LGBT Association was formerly recognised by the force in its role to offer support to staff and provide advice on LGBT issues to the force.
  • 2003 The force extended the categories of hate crime to include LGB hate crime and Tansgender hate crime as individual categories. Previously they been one category. Staffordshire was one of only a few forces to do this.
  • The True Vision project was launched across Staffordshire, Warwickshire, West Mercia and the West Midlands in May.  True Vision is a police led third party reporting form and was designed to increase the reporting of Hate Crime.
  • The scheme, which was Staffordshire led, saw the distribution of over 100,000 self-reporting packs, an on-line reporting facility and a campaign to increase the awareness of hate crime.
  • This was the first year police officers marched in uniform in the London Pride march. Ten officers marched and two officers from Staffordshire took part out.
  • 2006 Staffordshire Police joined the Stonewall Diversity Champions Programme and were named top gay employer of the year. The force remained in the top 3 for the next 3 years.
  • Staffordshire Police hosted the Stonewall Diversity Champion Conference  which included staff partner agencies and other  forces.
  • 2007  The force completed a workforce audit and asked staff for the first time to declare their sexual orientation.
  • 2008  The force developed its first Trans policy which provided guidance for how to deal with trans members of staff and trans members of the community.
  • 2012  The force held a LGBT Conference entitled 'Listening to you' to coincide with LGBT history month. It included staff and community members.
  •  Operation nutmeg - a national operation to get DNA samples from people who had been convicted of homicides and/or sexual offences. The force realised the implications that it could be targeting gay men for consensual sex which was illegal under the 1956 legislation and so decided to assess individual cases to determine if a DNA sample was needed. The press accused other forces of targeting gay men.
  • 2014  The Chief Constable Jane Sawyers became the NPCC lead for LGBT issues.
  • 2015 The Chief Constable spoke at the women in equalities select committee parliamentary enquiry session for transgender equality. The government has since announced recommendations to further trans equality including parity for hate crime legislation.