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HMIC PEEL Reports - Our Response

Below you will find the responses to published reports from Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC)

2 March 2017 - PEEL Report

Following the PEEL report in 2015, we were inspected again by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) in 2016 as part of their work which examines how we keep people safe and reduce crime.

The report outlines that significant improvements have been made since 2015, but highlights areas where improvements still need to be made and the report shows we have an overall grading of 'requires improvement'.

Nick Baker, Deputy Chief Constable said: "I am pleased that HMIC has recognised the high quality of our work in several areas, particularly the work officers and staff do to prevent crime, tackle anti-social behaviour and keep people safe.

"Whilst I am disappointed with the overall grade, it is encouraging to see that Inspectorate have acknowledged the significant improvements we have made, to move our force forward. HMIC have identified a number of areas where the force needs to improve, including how we investigate crime, how we deal with missing persons and how we tackle organised crime. We have plans in place to address these areas.

"We have recorded a number of successes in the last year. For example, we prosecute proportionately more offenders than many other forces. In areas where HMIC previously raised concerns over the way we support our most vulnerable victims, we have now been praised for 'significant improvements', albeit more can and is being done.


12 Dec 2016 - Commnuities

'Good' rating for Staffordshire Police

Staffordshire Police treats the communities it serves with fairness and respect - according to the latest inspection from the independent police watchdog, Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC).

HMIC also identified the strength of the force in ensuring its workforce behaves lawfully and ethically and that officers and staff are also treated with fairness and respect.

Overall, Staffordshire Police was given a 'good' rating in its report published today (8 December), following the annual inspection of police force 'legitimacy' that took place earlier this year.

Deputy Chief Constable Nick Baker said: "This independent assessment recognises the strong, ethical culture that runs through the workforce at every level. Fairness and respect underpin the force's vision and this is well understood by officers and staff. Overall this is a very positive report which shows the force is providing an effective, ethical and fair police service."

DCC Baker continued: "I was particularly pleased that our wide-ranging and innovative engagement with the public has been highlighted, particularly the way we are using digital technology and social media to reach our communities."

Inspectors found that the force '...has provided comprehensive training on the code of ethics... which reinforces standards of behaviour...' The Code of Ethics includes accountability, fairness, integrity, honesty, openness and respect.

HMIC underlined that the force has a clear and authentic focus on wellbeing, detailing the '...increased level of awareness among the workforce.'

HMIC identified a small number of areas where the force could look to improve. This included finding new ways of obtaining information on the public's perception of police treatment. This work has started, including asking those that have been stopped and searched about their experience.

The force has also been praised for its clearly defined expectations of leaders, as part of HMIC's separate inspection of leadership, published alongside the legitimacy report.

DCC Baker said: "HMIC judged the force's leadership principles - honesty, impartiality, fairness and respect - to be well understood by all officers and staff. This is vital in ensuring that they act in an ethical way and to challenge expectations appropriately. The Chief Constable and her senior officer team clearly set out these values and all staff are expected to lead by example."

The force's collaboration with local universities and other forces was highlighted, as was its partnership with Boeing to transform its IT capacity - which was highlighted as best practice in HMIC's national overview of leadership. The force was also recognised for encouraging innovation with its Bright Ideas scheme - where staff at all levels are encouraged to put forward suggestions and innovative ideas. One example is a new initiative involving a group of organisations working together to support elderly members of the community, which was suggested by a PCSO.

HMIC did recommend that the force should conduct an evaluation of its leadership programme and talent management processes, in order to identify and develop potential leaders; work which is now underway.

4 Nov 2016 - Efficiency

HMIC rates Staffordshire 'good' for efficiency

Staffordshire Police has been recognised as 'good' by an independent police watchdog in an assessment of how 'efficient' the force is at keeping people safe and reducing crime. 

The rating has been given by Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC), following their annual inspection of police force efficiency. 

Deputy Chief Constable Nick Baker said: "Given the financial pressures that all forces have faced over recent years, it's imperative that the public can trust that Staffordshire Police is spending public money on those issues that really matter. That's why this independent assessment by our watchdog, which found us to be 'good', is welcome." 

HMIC recognised the force's "...good understanding of both current and future demand..." which means that resources can be targeted effectively at where they are needed. 

HMIC also referenced how Staffordshire Police is "...developing a better understanding of the less obvious demand on its resources", including those issues that are unlikely to be reported directly to the police, such as child sexual exploitation. The report says: "It is a positive sign that the force is taking that extra step to be better prepared for such demands." 

The report acknowledges the force's "...well-developed understanding of costs and how to improve the quality of service and outcomes", and the investment that has been made in new technology, including mobile 'smart' devices for frontline officers, which is keeping officers in the community, rather than in stations, for longer. 

The efficiency inspection is one part of the 'PEEL' inspection that assesses the efficiency, effectiveness and legitimacy of every police force in England and Wales. 

All forces undergo the inspection, which - Ofsted-style - can be graded 'inadequate', 'requires improvement', 'good' or 'outstanding'. 

"The report highlights that we understand the changing nature of crime in the county", said DCC Baker, "not least the challenges of sexual offences and violence, but also those crimes which may be 'hidden' from view - for instance child sexual exploitation, with HMIC recognising our commitment to tackling this horrific subject through initiatives like Operation Safenet. They also praise our early intervention, alongside our partners, to help 'troubled' families. 

"HMIC highlighted our investment in technology - including the smart devices our officers are equipped with - which is helping to keep more police on our streets, rather than in stations. They also praise our cutting-edge work, with Staffordshire University, in digital forensics which is a growing area of work. 

"HMIC recognised at the start of their inspection that the force's plans were not fully developed. Four months on, these plans are now much more in-depth. Our partnership with Boeing, which is still in its first year, will - I believe - lead to Staffordshire becoming the most technologically advanced forces in the country, further improving our ability to tackle crime and prevent reoffending. Indeed, in their national report HMIC specifically highlighted our collaboration with Boeing as an 'impressive project'. 

"Given the continuing financial pressure faced by police forces, the transformation programme, of which the work with Boeing is centre-stage, will be essential to maintaining the excellent work of this force."