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Honour Based Abuse

Honour-based abuse is a term that is used to describe the action taken when a family or a community believes that the victim has breached the family's honour or the honour code, or if it is believed that the victim may have brought shame or dishonour to the family or community.

There is no specific offence of honour-based abuse, however there are a range of criminal offences committed within the honour-based abuse category including physical assault, abduction, rape and murder.

Honour-based abuse spans across all cultures, nationalities, faith groups and communities and it affects both males and females whilst transcending national and international borders.

When to Report Honour Based Abuse

Honour based abuse can take lives and anyone who fears they may be subjected to this should contact us at the earliest opportunity. There are a range of criminal and civil powers we and partner agencies can put in place to keep you safe. We have a dedicated team who are fully trained to offer appropriate support to victims in a sensitive manner. We take all HBA reports very seriously.

How to Report Honour Based Abuse

If you are a victim of honour based abuse or know someone who is, call Staffordshire Police on 101. If it is an emergency and you or someone else is in immediate danger, you should call 999. You can also report an offence in confidence and anonymously on the Crimestoppers website or by calling 0800 555 111.

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