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Force Safeguarding & Investigation

The Force Safeguarding and Investigation department is a multi-disciplinary team incorporating Child Protection, Adult Protection and Force C.I.D who, working together with Local Policing Teams, tackle complex investigations with the safeguarding of vulnerable victims at the heart of everything that they do.

Keys in custody door to cellsThis approach exploits the benefits of working together, breaking down barriers, dismantling silos and being adaptable in the way that we investigate. Force Safeguarding and Investigation (F.S.I) has moved away from dealing with crimes by type and is comprised of a multi-disciplinary investigation team, be focused on safeguarding, and vulnerability.

The department works closely with most other operational policing departments in Staffordshire, along with a number of partner agencies.
There are two investigative hubs within the county:

North - Hanley
South - Lichfield 

The hubs are made up of teams that work shift patterns covering seven days per week.

Proactive Investigation: F.S.I will work together with Local Policing Teams, to identify crime patterns, series or trends, through analysis and review.

The intelligence led tasking process helps identify priorities based on threat, harm, risk and volume. Ensuring the right investigations are investigated by the people with the right skills. The department has moved away from dealing with crimes by type and all incidents will be reviewed to identify threat, harm and risk this was the most appropriate resource will be allocated to support the investigation, at the earliest possible opportunity.

The dedicated team is focused on supporting local teams with priority investigations, with a clear focus on vulnerability and the safeguarding of victims.

A Detective Sergeant has been aligned as a 'Single Point Of Contact' for each local policing team so that the detectives have an improved understanding of  what matters to our communities through our better knowledge of local issues. This also allows better coaching and development of skills within local policing teams, improving the outcome for the victim or those at risk.