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The Staffordshire Police Unison Award presented to PCSO Benjamin Harrison - Local Policing South

Peter Edwards was the first Branch Secretary of Staffordshire Police UNISON and he was instrumental in its initial formulation. Sadly he died on the 10 October 2003, shortly after his 65th birthday.

In 2004 Staffordshire Police UNISON, in consultation with Peter's family, introduced a memorial award to be presented annually to any member of UNISON whose actions have benefited the community or a work colleague, and reflects the values of UNISON and Staffordshire Police.


Whilst off-duty PCSO Ben Harrison and his wife Sophie were driving along Shobnall Road, Burton-upon-Trent, when Sophie saw a female toddler on her own at the side of one of the houses as they drove past. PCSO Harrison stopped his car and turned around by which time the child was at the side of the road and still unaccompanied. The child was only three-years-old and was clearly in danger due to her being alone in the street. PCSO Harrison and Sophie asked the child where her mother was and she pointed to the house that she had first been seen standing next to. The girl told them that she was going to nursery because she could not wake her mum up.  

PCSO Ben Harrison
PCSO Ben Harrison
At this point PCSO Harrison began to have concerns and decided to enter the house as the door was unlocked. He found the mother of the child face down on a bed in a first floor bedroom of the property, sadly she was dead. Ambulance and police were contacted and attended. Shortly afterwards relatives were traced and they were able to take responsibility for the child.  

PCSO Ben Harrison and his wife Sophie were quick thinking and took prompt action following their fleeting glimpse of an unaccompanied child as they drove along a busy road and this is worthy of formal recognition. Without their actions the child would have remained at significant risk of harm.     

The Chief Constable is delighted to present the Staffordshire Police Unison Award to Benjamin Harrison.