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The David Pearsall Award for Police Community Support Officer of the Year presented to PCSO Deborah Harrison - Local Policing South

Mr David Pearsall commissioned his award for presentation to the Police Community Support Officer who the Chief Constable judges as being the PCSO of the previous year.

The winner will be authorised for independent patrol, have completed a six-month probationary period and will have been judged on their personal contribution, interaction and engagement within the local community in addressing their concerns, fear of crime and on improving reassurance. There should also be a focus on problem-solving issues that impact upon fear of crime and reassurance.


PCSO Harrison has been a key member of the Tamworth neighbourhood team for a number of years.

Debbie has fantastic communication skills, is passionate and takes great pride in being a Police Community Support Officer.

PCSO Deborah Harrison
PCSO Deborah Harrison
PCSO Harrison is well known by the local community, and her colleagues at Tamworth, as being relentless when it comes to identifying offenders and gathering intelligence. She is also known for her passion and commitment to identifying and supporting victims.

Debbie works closely with all sections of the community, has a great rapport with persons young and old, and is highly respected by all her colleagues.

PCSO Harrison shows great commitment to serving her community and consistently shows the level of commitment in problem solving, such as dealing with the issues at Dosthill Park.

Debbie was instrumental in gathering evidence to obtain a Public Space Protection Order, thereby reducing crime and anti-social behavior for the local community, and reducing the demand on the LPT. PCSO Harrison is a shining example of a PCSO, she serves our community continuously and tirelessly both on and off duty.

The Chief Constable is delighted to invite David Pearsall to present the PCSO of the Year Award to Deborah Harrison.