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The Josephine (Joey) Cotterill Award presented to Mrs Donna Cantrell - DCC Directorate

Josephine Cotterill was a well-known and respected member of police staff. She served for ten years with Staffordshire Police, working as a payroll and pensions officer at Headquarters. Joey fought a long illness and sadly died on 6 August 2003.

Her family presented their award to the Chief Constable in 2004 to recognise and reward a member of police staff whose contributions to public service delivery are over and above that which would normally be expected, or for instigating original work which enhances the service provided by Staffordshire Police, or to recognise an individual of long-standing service who has demonstrated continual outstanding service to Staffordshire Police.


Donna joined the force in 2014 as the Occupational Health Manager. To say that she made an immediate impact in the role is an understatement. Following the Staff Survey in 2014, Staffordshire Police launched its Wellbeing Strategy and Donna quickly recognised the need for the Occupational Health Department to change direction - and set about creating a far more proactive and preventative approach to the health and wellbeing of our staff.

Donna Cantrell
Donna Cantrell
In a short space of time, Donna increased her team's visibility and broke down barriers that existed in terms of approachability and trust. This included the launch of the Wellbeing Bus, taking Occupational Health on the road to every corner of the force over a three-month period. During the tour, over 1,000 officers and staff accessed health checks, advice and support, as well as offering direct intervention for a number of staff who were unaware of significant health issues.

Donna also recognised that, culturally, changes needed to be made in the way that health and wellbeing was viewed throughout the organisation, especially regarding mental health. She embarked upon an initiative with MIND - and as a result, Staffordshire Police was one of the first police force's in the country to publically sign the Blue Light Pledge.

The force has just been notified that it will become a member of the National Wellbeing Charter, the first police force in the country to achieve this.

The Chief Constable is delighted to present the Josephine (Joey) Cotterill Award to Donna Cantrell.