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The Christopher James Award for the Community Police Officer of the Year presented to Sergeant Mark Speedman - Local Policing North

Christopher James was a serving constable at Stafford when he died from illness on 3rd December 1974. His family and friends presented a trophy to the force in memory of Christopher. This trophy is awarded to the Community Police Officer whose actions have led to an improvement of police/public relations.

The officer must have demonstrated a problem-solving approach to policing in partnership and with the support of the community.


For the last 22 years Sgt Speedman has dedicated his career to serving the communities of Newcastle, earning several Divisional Commander's Commendations. He has delivered policing with passion, pride and total commitment towards the communities that he serves and officers and staff he has worked with and led. 

Sgt Speedman
Sgt Speedman
Sgt Speedman has been key in addressing the hugely varied issues of Newcastle LPT. He leads with clarity and purpose, ensuring that his staff have a clear focus on priorities. He is constantly accessible to his staff and accompanies many of them on their duties offering advice and guidance.

Operationally, he is extremely competent and has real credibility within the wider police force. He has been a key figure in the policing of countless Stoke City and Port Vale matches, V Festival, EDL protest and Britain's First parade. He has also contributed to various mutual aid events in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland including G8, Fairford and riots in Manchester and Birmingham.

Sgt Speedman has been at the forefront of developing town centre policing and tackling alcohol-related violence. He was vital in the introduction of Safer Nights operations.

The Chief Constable is delighted to present the Christopher James Award for the Community Police Officer of the Year to Mark Speedman.