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The Chief Constable's Award for Lifetime Achievement presented to Detective Chief Inspector Richard Finlow - Investigative Services and Chief Inspector Steve Maskrey - Local Policing South

DCI Finlow and Ch Insp Maskrey
Ch Insp Maskrey and DCI Finlow
The Chief Constable's Award for Lifetime Achievement was introduced in 2004 and is awarded to a police officer who will have spent around 30 years  service at the sharp end of policing fighting crime. The officer will also have a reputation for excellence in all areas and will have a high professional standing in the local community.

CITATION - Detective Chief Inspector Richard Finlow

From the very early stages of his distinguished career DCI Richard Finlow has been highlighted for his excellent leadership qualities and his positive and professional manner. At times senior officers have commented on his "cool and unflappable" style which has been regularly evidenced during his extensive time as a Senior Investigating Officer in both covert and overt policing work.

His last 15 years have been dedicated to specialist investigations and covert policing, where he has gained the utmost respect from his colleagues, his staff and managers. In doing so has become one of the most credible Senior Investigating Officers in his field. His reputation extends to both internal and external partners who have come to respect his knowledge and experience as a senior detective.

His achievements in this field are many and include investigations like Operation Bellicose in Stoke, which would see the start of the 'Nemesis' brand, Operation Brash, the undercover operation surrounding the attempts of a husband to have his wife murdered, and Operation Mint in Burton-upon-Trent, which saw high-profile crime families, who were previously seen as untouchable, receive significant sentences.

Throughout his career Richard has always been and remains a very loyal and trustworthy individual, someone you would always want on your team and someone you go to for advice regardless of your rank. He also remains as enthusiastic today as I am sure he was back in 1985 when he first joined.

CITATION - Chief Inspector Steve Maskrey

Chief Inspector Steve Maskrey has been a frontline police officer for more than 29 years and it's fair to say that he has the values of policing coursing through his veins.

He has spent the majority of his service at stations in the north of the county where he gained a phenomenal reputation. In the words of the local authority "Steve is the one person who has connected us and understands what our requirements are." This phrase, without doubt, sums up Steve and the values he brings to policing.

For the past five years Steve has been the LPT commander at East Staffordshire LPT and he has dealt with some of the most serious incidents that have occurred in Staffordshire.

In 2011, there was serious disorder in Burton between rival drug gangs from inside and outside of the county, which culminated in a hand grenade being thrown through the window of a house. The obvious implications of this were community unrest and dissatisfaction, which Steve responded to by taking the lead and forming relationships with the community and local authority. In 2013, as a result of a prolonged operation under the banner of Operation Nemesis, a number of nominals were arrested and convicted and in excess of £600,000 of assets were seized.

In early 2015, Steve and his team managed two significant incidents which affected different communities. The first was the murder of a Polish man by three associates. Through Steve's drive and leadership links were made in the Polish community and recognition was given in the Polish media for the thoroughness of the investigation. Within a few days of the murder, tensions between two factions in the Muslim community erupted, with one key individual being run over and hospitalised, probably for life. This created the need for intensive police action which Steve coordinated and through his community contacts was able to reassure the community. In both cases there have been convictions and custodial sentences for the perpetrators and the community have remained supportive of the police.

The Chief Constable is delighted to present the Lifetime Achievement Award to Richard Finlow and Steve Maskrey.