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The Safeguarding Award presented to Detective Constable Rebecca Mulcahy - Investigative Services

This award is given in recognition of an individual/team's significant contribution to safeguarding those most vulnerable within our communities.


DC Rebecca Mulcahy was the Officer in Charge on one of the most emotionally distressing investigations a police officer can ever have to face. The case involved the sexual, emotional and financial abuse of a vulnerable victim who had learning disabilities, was partially sighted and suffered from epilepsy.

The victim was neglected by her birth parents, fostered from the age of 15 months and placed in a permanent family home.

DC Mulcahy
DC Rebecca Mulcahy
Following a report from Social Services, DC Mulcahy visited the victim who disclosed that she had been raped by her foster father since the age of 16.  The victim was dishevelled and unkempt and it became obvious she had been neglected by her foster parents. She had few personal possessions and appeared anxious and hopeless. She had been denied access to money and food, and was made to sleep in the attic with no toilet or washing facilities. She had to eat her meals with the family dog in the utility room on her own whilst the rest of the family ate together.

It also transpired that the foster mother had been claiming the victim's benefits and investigations uncovered an account containing over £67,000.

DC Mulcahy worked extensively with numerous partner organisations to safeguard the victim and support her through the legal processes. She supported the victim through the court procedure, including giving her evidence by video link in court. More importantly, the officer kept the victim updated at every stage of the investigation and developed a good rapport with her.

This was a very emotive case and DC Mulcahy displayed exceptional compassion and professionalism throughout. DC Mulcahy went over and above her normal duties in this regard and was publically commended by the Judge for her hard work and diligence.

The foster father was sentenced to 14 years and the foster mother received eight years imprisonment.

The Chief Constable is delighted to present the Safeguarding Award to Rebecca Mulcahy.