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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Dog Support Unit (DSU)

The Dog Support Unit (DSU) is part of the Tactical Support Department.

PC Ruth Jones 5656 with Dogs Colt and GeorgeStaffordshire Police's dog unit provides support to operational officers during live incidents and pre-planned operations.  The dogs are specially trained to work in one of four areas - general purpose, drugs, cash, explosives.

All dogs within the unit are paired with a police officer handler who is responsible for their care. This team and their dogs provide a number of specialist skills including searching for people, illegal drugs, currency, explosives, firearms and property.

The majority of the training is completed in-house by Home Office approved dog trainers.

General Purpose dogs are usually German Shepherds who provide a wide range of services from dealing with public order offences to searching for offenders and missing people. They also provide officers with a less-lethal option for restraining or capturing offenders during firearms incidents.

As well as being used to manage incidents of disorder, they are deployed in support of Authorised firearms officers to incidents involving the criminal use of firearms and other dangerous weapons.

In addition, dog handlers receive specialist training with regards to the recovery and identification of both dangerous dogs and prohibited breeds of dogs.

Follow the work of our Police Dog Teams on  Twitter @StaffsDogs where you can see our daily Policing activity along with insights into our training.