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CSE Social Media Challenge Winners

CSE Winners CollageSchools in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent have taken part in an innovative competition to help raise awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation and staying safe online (CSE).

Staffordshire Police teamed-up with ucreate, an online learning platform from Signal Radio designed to allow pupils to work on real world activities as part of their studies. Over 60 schools registered to take part in the challenge, with children and young people from key stage two and upwards writing and recording a 60 second audio or video clip to highlight the dangers of CSE and online safety.

Eleven finalists were selected from the entries and as well as a winner from each category being selected, their efforts were displayed on the ucreate website while votes were cast in a social media challenge.

     See the Photos Here!

All finalists attended a Youth Conference at Britannia Stadium between 10am and 1pm on Monday CSE Winners Collage 2(20 June) organised by Staffordshire Police, where the winners from each category were revealed.

All finalists received acknowledgement for their contribution and the winners were presented with an award.

In addition there was opportunity for the children and young people to take part in awareness activities with Staffordshire Police Preventing CSE Team, as well as visit information stands for partners such as Young Minds, Ruby Girl, Changes and the STAR Team.

Children were asked to feature the www.knowaboutcse.co.uk website and the finalists' clips will be used by Staffordshire Police's Preventing CSE Team to help raise awareness to other children and young people, along with parents, carers and professionals.

The event was followed by a multi-agency campaign to raise awareness of the danger of sexting, one of the key causes of CSE.

Additionally you can watch Seabridge and Langdale Primary School deliver their message on CSE here!

Key Stage 2 Winner - Seabridge Primary School

Key Stage 3 Audio Winner - Blythe Bridge High School

Key Stage 3 Visual Winner - Walton High School

Key Stage 4/5 Winner - Wolstanton High School

See their videos below! (May not play on all mobile devices)