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Non-Emergency Enquiries: 101

Corporate Resource Unit (CRU)

Prince Charles with cadets 2016 with cadets 2016 at Burslem Police Station

The Corporate Resource Unit (CRU) is based at force headquarters in Stafford.

The CRU work to support the organisation, the Tactical Planning Unit (TPU) in particular, in the planning of major/spontaneous incidents, pre-planned events and other occasions where resources and logistics are required.

The CRU have a finite number of staff and efficiently and practically manage the demands of the organisation and all its employees which requires a flexible and pragmatic approach, in order to appropriately prioritise and deliver what is required. A crucial part of the CRU's business is to utilise various options to provide effective demand management whilst maximising the service provided by our team.

It is responsible for:

  • Identifying all force resources for pre-planned events, spontaneous incidents, and events.
  • Managing force resources to meet daily demand/tasking.
  • Co-ordinating force resources to meet identified resource levels at all times.