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Case Management Unit

The Case Management Unit (CMU) is a specialist department that has the responsibility to manage the submission process for all charged and summonsed prosecution files emanating from offences committed throughout the County.

We work closely with our prosecution partners, the Crown Prosecution Service, and are jointly responsible for preparing case files for hearings at Newcastle Justice Centre, Burton Magistrates' Court and Cannock Magistrates' Court, as well as the Stafford and Stoke-on-Trent Crown Courts. The unit handles around 10,000 first appearance files and some 2,500 upgrade files every year.

The Case Management Unit (CMU) is charged with providing an efficient and effective file submission service that oversees the quality and timely delivery of files, ensuring that they meet national legislative requirements and that they are properly prepared and submitted for use in the Criminal Justice System (CJS).

In pursuit of these requirements, the main objectives of the unit are:

  • To provide administrative support to operational case officers in relation to case files submitted by them.
  • To be the first point of contact for our local criminal justice partners, and provide the communication conduit between the police and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)/courts and defence.

In brief, the CMU is responsible for managing the complete process for the submission of all prosecution files, and their responsibilities can be categorised under the following headings:

  • File registration, which includes the preparation of a digital first appearance file.
  • An appropriate evidential review of each prosecution file.
  • The management of outstanding evidence via the CMU tasking system.
  • A full information text processing service for upgraded files.
  • A full tape library service for the storage of interview/witness tapes.

Inside CMU

The CMU is headed by an office manager, who is responsible for the effective running of the department with a number of supervisors. The unit is divided into four coterminous units, Pre-Court Evidence Processors, Evidential Review Officers (ERO) and Evidential Text Processors (ETP). Each unit has a clearly defined supervision structure, with support staff managers and police sergeants managing the ERO and administrative teams. Pre-Court, Evidential Text Processors and Case Assessment Officers are exclusively staffed by support personnel, but resources of the Evidential Review Officers are a combination of serving police officers and support staff.