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Human Resources

The force’s corporate human resources (HR) department is based at police headquarters and is split into five teams:

  • resourcing
  • recruitment
  • employee relations
  • personnel administration
  • HR system.

The resourcing unit is responsible for ensuring that the force has the right number of people with the right skills and abilities employed at the right time.The team manages HR policy in this area and works closely with divisional human resource managers to implement and monitor new policies.


Recruiting police officers and special constables forcewide is the responsibility of the recruiting team. They also oversee the recruitment of police staff for Headquarters business functions and support divisions in this area as well.

Employee Relations

Employee relations has the responsibility for consulting with the force’s staff associations when there are issues (such as new legislation) which affect the current working conditions of employees.

Personnel Administration

The personnel administration unit is responsible for maintaining the personal records of the force’s 3,500 plus staff.

HR System

The human resources computer system is maintained by the corporate HR team at police HQ. The team:

  • provides management information reports
  • vets access to the system
  • ensures the security of data
  • provides training for system users.

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