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Immobilise - a valued partner in crime detection

Why register a mobile phone with immobilise?
Immobilise is a search database containing the details of millions of mobile phones and other property. It really is a simple process to register your mobile phone and it’s free to do so.

What will you need to register?
You will need the IMEI number of your phone together with the make and model number. (These are essential and you will not be able to register without them.

How do I get the IMEI number from my phone?

*#06# star hash zero six hash.

Your service provider can also give you the IMEI. (For more information on the IMEI see the link on the left hand side.

What happens when my phone is registered?
Should your phone be lost or stolen Police can establish the real owner very quickly and there is a much greater chance of you getting your phone back.

This is a partnership-driven campaign involving Police, Government and the Telecommunications Industry. It is aimed at reducing street crime and the number of mobile phones stolen during street crime by encouraging people who lose or have their mobile phone stolen to report the incident to their network provider.

Can I show my phone as stolen?
A great feature of immobilise is the ability for the owner of the phone to instantly report their phone as either lost or stolen. However, it is still essential that you report it to police.

Reporting a mobile phone lost or stolen?

First of all you will need the IMEI number. If you can’t get it don’t worry the police can assist you to find it.

Stolen phones

Well don't we all like a bargain? You could possibly be offered a stolen phone in the most unlikely of places. In your local pub, by a stranger? Friend of a friend?

International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI)

When a mobile phone is made it is given a unique electronic serial number known as the IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity.

False reporting

It is important for members of the public to remember that the reporting of any lost property to the Police as stolen is an offence.

The mobile phone recyclers charter

The Recyclers Charter was developed to stop the outlet of stolen goods through Recycling companies within the UK, and consequently reduce the opportunities for the thief to profit from their crimes.


Re-programming more commonly known as unblocking is an illegal activity and not to be confused with unlocking.


'Unlocking' is a legal activity and involves the use of software on a computer or a machine to unlock the phone from a particular air time provider's network.

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