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If you need information and advice on crime prevention, personal safety, or how you can involved with Staffordshire Police, here’s where you’ll find the pages that can help you.

Anti-social behaviour

Anti-social behaviour is being tackled by Staffordshire Police in a number of ways.

Crime prevention

From business crime to internet safety, this is where you'll find our crime prevention advice.

Victims and witnesses

We're commited to improve the quality of service given to victims and witnesses to ensure that the information they’re given is clear, consistent and comprehensive.

Operations and campaigns

Find the latest updates on our operations and campaigns, including Operation Impact and Nemesis.

Help and advice

If you need advice on road safety, firearms licensing and Staffordshire Prepared, here’s where you’ll find the pages that can help you.

Your right to information

This publication scheme aims to make as much of our information as possible readily accessible to the public, on a continuous basis.

Get involved

From Business Watch to Volunteers, get involved in the work of Staffordshire Police.


Local policing is supported by a host of specialist, central departments made up of police officers and police staff based within our Operational Services, Organisational Services and Investigative Services departments.

Downloadable crime prevention leaflets and posters

A selection of crime prevention leaflets and posters available for you to download.


Published report following the debrief of the Port Vale v Wolves policing operation

Code of Ethics

The code is a first for policing in England and Wales. It sets out the standards of behaviour expected of all officers and police staff and emphasises the importance of personal integrity, honesty and fairness.

Stop and Search

Stop and search is an important policing tactic and method of engaging with people that enables us to maintain order and create the conditions that allow the public to go about their daily business in safety.

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