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Crime Mapping

You can now get a much simpler and detailed snapshot of local crime levels, and justice outcomes, where you live from our interactive crime mapping website (Opens in new window).

Crime maps put you in the picture about what’s happening in your neighbourhood, allowing you to view figures at street level.  You can find out more about this on the site.

They also include links to your local officers who are responsible for dealing with the things that matter to you in your community, how to contact them and details of local police meetings in your area.

For the first time ever, the public will also be able to see what action was taken after a crime has occurred on their streets. The maps are updated on a monthly basis to show justice outcomes from previous months.

Crime and anti-social behaviour has been grouped into six categories to protect people's privacy.  This should mean that more sensitive crimes won't be attributed to a particular area.  The six categories are:

  • Burglary
  • Robbery
  • Vehicle crime
  • Violent crime
  • Other crime
  • Anti-social behaviour (ABS)

To protect privacy, address details are not included and crimes are mapped to points on or near the street where they occurred.

Those crimes and ASB incidents which do not have a specific grid-reference are included at neighbourhood level, but are not shown at street level to avoid potential inaccuracy.

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